Why do we need an Internet Underground polling system?

The "Establishment" is disconnected from the realities of America. It prints money when it has none. The people, living in the real world, cannot. It has ignored our security and invaded our privacy. It has become a "Monarchy Composed Of The Collective Powerful", and we, the People are its subjects.

Is this what you expected as a hopeful child?

Traditional polling is out of date and no longer relevant. News hits our ears and the reflection in traditional polling, does not not in any way include our reactions to the newly revealed. It has become meaningless. It is a tool of the machines that we call "Parties".

But the Internet is vibrant, alive, immediate. If we are to understand our collective subconscious. It is only through technology that it can be revealed.


Please select your preference for the President of our great nation.
The future is in your hands.

To sway the populace, the Vanguard must express it's perceptions.

You are the Vanguard

About Us

Election polling is in near crisis, and the pollsters know this yet they continue to publish their faulty polls as if they are a reliable representation of the populace.

Two trends are driving the increasing unreliability of election and other polling in the United States: the growth of cellphones and the decline in people willing to answer surveys. Coupled, they have made high-quality research much more expensive to do, so there is less of it. This has opened the door for less scientifically based, less well-tested techniques. To top it off, pollsters proclaim results which are not based on a statistically significant number of voters.

For instance, the polls that the RNC have been using to determine who will be invited to the main debate, as opposed to the "kids table" debate, are based on less than 500 likely voters. Statistically, that is not a significant sampling for a city, let alone for an entire country. You have to read the fine print to discover the sampling size and the margin of error.

With this site we intend to offer a more accurate representation of the populace. Our first poll asks a very simple question, who would you choose to be the President of these United States.

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